Make the event experience stronger, more personal, and more inspiring.

Cottage Tent Event is the event partner that combines individuality, perfect fit and your personal style to create your unique event. From inspiring meetings to outstanding dinner events, clients from all over Europe benefit from the professional expertise and attentive touch to strengthen their relationships, create long-lasting memories, and elevate their company’s success.


We believe that an event’s success – whether think tank meeting, networking conference, or team building activity – is related to the stimulation of senses which your customers will use to take in the experience. An experience is not only made of visual and audio content. Long-lasting memories are established through the inclusion of all five experiential modules: sense, feel, think, act, and relate. And this is, where we come in!

Cottage Tent Event helps you find the perfect setting and shape your event to activate all five categories. Our passion is to create an inspiring atmosphere with a personal touch. Make your customers feel in good hands at all times.


With our commitment to perfection we transform your ideas into invaluable and rewarding experiences with a modern customer focus. Paper brochures, leaflets, posters – all of these printing materials put an unnecessary heavy weight on your ideas. We are eco-minded and help reduce your company’s footprint by replacing paper and plastic where reasonable so that your company excels using latest technology and eco-friendly alternatives. Learn more in our sustainability policy.

Cottage Tent Event acts behind the scenes to elevate your company’s success. Focus on your strength while we support you with ours.

Let’s start planning your event together!

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Who is Cottage Tent Event?

We love to organize, so event planning just comes naturally for us. While so many clients with great event ideas struggle to create the perfect setting for their gathering, we are thrilled to support them with our expertise to excel and make a powerful impact with their event.

We are results-oriented achievers with a passion for facilitating mid-sized businesses and large companies organize meaningful events and create the desired experience through our structured, successful way of working, making use of our diverse international event experience, and eye for detail.

Kristin has acquired multi-faceted and in-depth specialist knowledge working for large international companies for many years. From highly sensitive customers and dealing with healthcare compliance at a worldwide leading MedTech company to realizing creative and technically adept meetings and events at an online and mobile games developer – complex and difficult situations have always been mastered with excellence and dedication at all times.

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She finds a lot of inspiration for her events in travelling, and makes use of her strategic skills also in beating opponents at fun board game evenings. You want to get to know her more? Let’s meet for a Stracciatella ice cream soon!

You are sitting in Berlin or Barcelona, and we are in Malta – how should this work? Find out how to benefit from this constellation and successful remote event management work in our blog.


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