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Professional catering for mouth-watering coffee breaks

Professional event management

You have inspiring ideas but not the expertise to organize events that live up to your expectations. You wish you could just find the perfect location, a delicious caterer, and have an inspiring atmosphere created just for you while you focus on the content.

Don’t worry, you are on the right track. All you need is a professional event partner at your side. We can help you create meetings that surpass expectations with our skillful event expertise and international experience. Let’s turn your company’s values into language and visual images.

Why? An event gives your company a face, makes you more accessible and supports establishing relationships. That is why the personal touch is so important to individualize your event and make it represent you.

SENSEful event planning

What if you could have a setup that delivers your message with all five senses?

An event is a communication tool. By using it effectively – making your guests feel, think, act, and relate to your company or product –  the intended message will be embedded in the customer’s mind. This results in a long-lasting effect and impacts future decisions.

While the customer cannot obtain ‘ownership’ of the event, he or she can clearly be involved in activities around it to customize the experience. Script a story that is incomplete without the participation of customers/visitors, inclusion makes them reflect messages more closely. Make the customer ‘feel’ the message by being part of it.

Let your attendees see, hear, taste, smell, and feel your event!
One-Stop Meeting Planning

One-stop meeting planning

Consultant, researcher, supervisor, accountant, team guide, hostess, sustainability officer … – Cottage Tent Event is your efficient all-in-one manager to get your company a step further in your business. Lighting, décor, entertainment, … – from start to finish and even beyond, we are always the perfect partner planning, negotiating, and coordinating suppliers for you.

And while at it, we make your event as ‘green’ as possible, too. Read our full sustainability policy.

Expertise throughout Europe

Easy-to-reach cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome, or rather an unusual destination like Slovenia to spark inspiration – what are your requirements? Cottage Tent Event finds the perfect location for your meeting.

Mid-sized businesses and large companies save time by benefiting from our international event expertise as well as our structured and results-oriented work processes and outstanding performance.

Conferences and events all around Europe

Do you want your guests to dive into an experience, or enter an anonymous event space? Long-lasting impact, or yet another meeting? You get the picture!


We at Cottage Tent Event realize creative ideas of our clients to deliver small to mid-sized events with a personal, attentive touch, making your guests feel in good hands at all times – before, during and after your event.

What we offer


Live events are essential for successful long-term business relationships.

Save time and pick the services you would rather leave to our expert hands.

From research to booking, we support you with our professional expertise and experience.

Event Types

Give participants the opportunity to experience products and connect with their peers in person. Since often a lot of resources are invested into physical congresses, they should provide a real value to the majority of attendees. In-person keeps being the #1 choice for establishing meaningful relationships and has the highest potential for engagement and excitement.

Provide the audience with new content and products that can be explored at the exclusive launch event. Create excitement in and trust around new products, place it in the right setup to establish the expected values around it.

Gather a small amount of people to exchange thoughts, ideas, and information according to a planned agenda. Meetings are used to discuss issues and decide on actions or solutions to problems in a given time frame.

Offer an audience a setup dedicated to a specific topic and let them not only discuss but work towards a specific, action-oriented purpose to generate some concrete answers to a current problem. Participants get the opportunity to enhance their skills and familiarize themselves with a new topic.

Teach specific departments or teams the use of products, tools, equipment, or how to react under certain circumstances. Trainings are usually very practice-oriented and involve participants actively rather than just discussing subjects.

Focus on a particular issue and invite a small group of attendees to work on and discuss the subject in a rather informal structure. Throughout this typically shorter gathering of a couple of hours rather than days, everyone is encouraged to participate in discussions and share their thoughts.

Host a specific part of an event only, sometimes it doesn’t need to be a full-day conference with coffee breaks & Co. Micro events let you choose a segment of a usual event format and organize this one only as a stand-alone session, get-together, meet-up, reception, etc.

Bring (remote) teams together which usually don’t operate in the same location either because of the team’s geographical spread or home office character. Whether quarterly or once a year, these retreats are used to announce the strategic plans for the upcoming year, but most importantly have the team spend time together, combining business and leisure activities to bond and grow as one.

Use team building activities to grow employees into a team that learns how to work together and to trust each other in a short span of time. By solving tasks or games, often involving physical activity, team members can jump into new roles different than their day-to-day job and get to know each other better.

Reward top performers or kick-off a new season or milestone by sending a small group on an exclusive trip. Incentives can last from a joined evening event to a multiple-day trip abroad and usually offer them experiences that they wouldn’t be able to access themselves individually. This higher costly event format is often a special thanks from the employer acknowledging superior achievements.

Honor achievements by formally handing them over in an award ceremony, where winners will be announced and celebrated emotionally. Award shows are often combined with a dinner and entertainment program to create a show around the awards and probably end with a party where attendees celebrate the winners and each other.

Dress up and celebrate in a fancy party character that usually asks for ball gown. Gala evenings are often the highlight of the year and invite to entertainment and dinner, include dancing and other fun activities. Sometimes formal conferences during day end in a more casual gala evening as the spectacular ending of the congress.

Our Services

Find the perfect event location that fits your event best. Benefit from our experience all over Europe and use this shortcut to book the ideal venue. From functional conference center to hidden gem and out-of-the-box spot – let us support you in your research.

Whether hotel rooms, conference hall, or breakout rooms – we sure will get you the hotel that covers it all and negotiate the best rates for your requirements. Luxurious grand hotels for exclusive incentive trips, boutique hotels for the individual touch, star hotels and top-notch resorts to deliver your event in style are all waiting for you!

Trust your content in professional hands to deliver outstanding performances. While you focus on the content, we provide the technical support crew with our professional partners to make you shine on stage.

Enjoy culinary delights and treat your attendees with brain food to stay focused throughout your meeting. A proper event catering boosts not only energy but contributes essentially to the overall event success. Our experienced event caterers don’t leave anyone hungry!

Get creative in an inspiring atmosphere. We go beyond and help you equip your event location with informal, comfortable, and modern furniture to create a world around your event. Give it a try and rest your back in ergonomic chairs or welcome your guests at cardboard counters.

Stay consistent in your event theme and produce high-quality marketing material to advertise or support your conference agenda. Our professional graphic design partners will create a unique branding for your event while we advice you on digital solutions to keep printing at a low and make your event as sustainable as possible.

Complete your event with an exciting, tailored entertainment program. From exclusive outdoor activities to branded shows, let your attendees bond over laughter or teach them new skills in a playful way. Nothing is as rewarding and creates best networking opportunities than some informal event entertainment.

Avoid high taxi bills from each participant and book high-class transportation. Creating shuttle services for the audience will not only save you costs but also improves your event’s carbon footprint. Our reliable drivers will transport your guests from A to B in sophisticated vans and busses or lovely restored traditional vehicles.

Deliver your event’s message by creating event worlds to let your audience experience your message with all five senses. Spice up any venue with the right decoration to support your theme and facilitate creative brainstorming or relaxed networking.

Stay on top of invitation and participant management by trusting these complex processes in our hands. We prepare digital registrations that can be implemented on your websites, and follow up with your participants in a timely manner to make sure they are looked after from beginning to end to make their event journey as smooth as possible.

Become the excellent host who has time to attend their own event and mingle with the audience. We have your back at all time and are your professional partner behind the scenes, taking care of the (un)expected for your peace of mind.


Hybrid conferences create new dynamics and increase your audience reach.

Choose from our services for live and virtual events. A mere combination of both, however, doesn’t make a successful hybrid event.

Through skillful thought and adapted setup we connect both parts efficiently.

Adjusting content and activities to become an experience for both attendee types. Consider the different attention span for virtual participants and provide channels for them to express their thoughts and interact with on-site activities.

Finding the platform and necessary tools that connect online and offline audience and provide the best experience on both sides. Use only what is really supporting your event’s success and offers the online audience possibilities to interact and be part of the event from afar.

Hiring the best staff for your event and coordinating the different stakeholders for a seamless show. Everyone is in expert in their field but only when working properly together each one contributes to the overall success. We help avoiding communication misunderstandings.

Merging the online and offline activities and tools to create connections between both audiences. You can either hold an in-person event and a separate version for the digital audience, or you can make each become an integral part of the event.

Including games and/or challenges into your event to keep attention span and level of interaction high. Make use of humans natural desire to compete and implement leader boards or reward systems in your event to animate them for maximal participation.

Preparing for the unforeseeable and having plan B in our pockets when needed. Know what to do – both on-site as well as online – when the unexpected happens to keep the show running as best as possible.


Virtual meetings are time-efficient, accessible, and increase productivity.

Choosing the right platform and shining on virtual stage — Cottage Tent Event is here for you!

From pre-event consultation to professional support throughout the event — focus on your content while we manage the rest for you.

Event Types

Instead of full-day conferences, they are usually split into several sessions over 1-3 days to keep the audience engaged in the virtual environment. A great eco-friendly way to engage with a larger audience, grow networks, collaborate and learn with stakeholders.

Bring together multiple stakeholders whose schedule is busy or who are spread over the globe and wouldn’t make it otherwise. Meeting virtually to source feedback and everyone’s input is maximizing planning outcomes and gives everyone the opportunity to raise their voice while saving money and time on flights, venues, and missed work.

Great as a kick-off for a topic or to quickly deliver information, material, and data on a subject, which can be followed-up with in further sessions at a later time. Ideal for an audience that has no time to attend a full-time conference. Give attendees the opportunity to take a break and digest information afterwards.

Break a complex topic into a series of smaller sessions to deliver the content bit by bit for maximal attention and easy-to-consume topic-specific conversations. Can also create lasting connections with and between stakeholders by keeping the momentum and staying in touch regularly, delivering valuable content over a span of time.

An opportunity for audience members who could not attend the in-person event to view the session after it has been recorded, or revise it at a later time to refresh the memory. Can also be used to re-energize attendees after they had time to reflect about the topic.

Go live and present content as it happens, give exclusive insights fresh from the roast, interact with the online audience by including them in the presentations via polling, allowing for questions etc., shaping the course of the event content. Ideal to receive direct feedback and react on attendees’ wishes and concerns.

An informal format to deliver and discuss a topic which is more open to include the audience in the conversation. Speakers appear more accessible to participants, easy to get in direct dialogue or start a topic which can be further discussed in smaller groups afterwards.

Let teams get to know each other on a deeper level, connect while solving games and tasks virtually, and experience skills that otherwise might stay hidden. A great way not only for remote teams to bond over fun activities and interact outside of the usual job setup.

Informal presentation platform for any C-level member, speaker, or expert to be open for any questions – professional or private – to give employees, community members, or an exclusive VIP group the opportunity to connect and learn more about the respective person. Also great to give insights to the person of interest what is on his/her audience’s mind.

Our Services

Book us to unite all involved specialists and experts to a team by coordinating the digital event. We know every single step of your “show” by heart and guarantee your event success while anticipating the unexpected for you.

Record your session or event in a professional studio atmosphere, equipped with all technology required – that can be set up wherever it suits you! We connect you with the venue and/or technical team to let you record from inside your office, factory, or green screen studio.

Visualize event content on a digital board that can be shared amongst everyone afterwards to keep key ideas clear and easily summarized. We get you in touch with the suitable professional artist.

Learn about possible online formats for your event and how to best organize it on which platform, using which tools, paying attention to the important aspects dealing with the virtual world for a successful outcome of your event.

Let us recommend and purchase suitable equipment for all stakeholders and make sure all speakers are equipped and know how to use technology for a clear audio/visual experience.

Get speakers trained on how to present and interact with an online audience, what to take care of regarding lighting, sound, and setup – to have confident stakeholders on a virtual stage.

Better safe than sorry – does the event concept take every aspect into consideration, follow all rules and guidelines, have room for improvement? We will let you know by checking and amending your concept.

Receive an individual event concept customized to your specific needs and goals that can be organized by your in-house team. Be sure that nothing is forgotten and well thought out.

Save valuable time and let us set up your virtual meetings and calls so you don’t have to deal with tools and technology setup or wait until all partners have joined the call – just jump in when all is set.

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