There’s No Planet B.

Sustainable Events

Sustainability, cost efficiency, and an amazing event experience cannot go hand in hand? This myth – or fear of having to accept low performance in one of the above – still worries many. While it actually doesn’t have to because the three can be combined and work out perfectly in many ways!

On the contrary, green meeting planning can even save you money since you work with resources more efficiently, can reuse many items or tools, and keep costs down through sustainable efforts. Plus increasing your sustainable image on top of it.

What Is Sustainable Event Management?

“According to ISO 20121, sustainable event management is the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues into event planning. Sustainable event management requires you [to] consider the needs and values of different stakeholders that are impacted by your event. On the one hand, you take steps to reduce significant negative impacts, or harm, such as solid waste. While on the other hand you also seek out opportunities for events to leave positive legacies that benefit communities, including philanthropic and volunteer projects.”

We support you in organizing your corporate meetings and events as sustainable as possible, suggesting eco-friendly alternatives whenever they are useful and improve the overall experience, and reducing your event waste footprint.

To learn more about our commitment for a sustainable event approach, read our Sustainability Policy.

Whether your company already has sustainability guidelines or you are looking for some eco-friendly event practices, we implement the options that are important to you. Check out our Sustainability Practices to choose from for some inspiration.

Let’s talk to meet your objectives and budget, and find the ideal green meeting roadmap for your event! There has never been a better time to implement ways for more sustainable and eco-friendly events than NOW.

Stay Clean, Go Green

Plant trees and fund the world’s best carbon offsetting solutions.

Whether funding projects such as renewable energy to offset emissions and make reductions today, or supporting reforestation projects to plan reductions in the future by planting trees today – compensate your event’s carbon footprint with this approach to limit climate change.

The planted mangrove trees capture up to four times as much carbon per acre than tropical rainforests. Three quarters of tropical fish rely on their root systems for nurseries and shelter.

Choose to reuse and donate for a good cause.

Hand out water bottles with a sticker and a code on it at your next event. Every time the attendees fill the bottle with water and scan the code, Fill It Forward will donate a sum to charitable projects around the world. Track your company’s collective impact and the projects’ progress via their app, from emissions saved to waste diverted.

Feature your company branding on a Reuse Tracker and drive engagement with your custom giving project. Create friendly competitions via leaderboards to educate and encourage sustainable behavior.