Craft Beer Atmosphere at Altes Mädchen Dielen

Some people like it rough. And some people are just tired of conventional meeting spaces. In any case, my next event location will be ideal if you want to bring some rustic charm and wooden texture to your next event. Or finish your get-together over one of many craft beers to choose from.

Altes Mädchen Diele is a charming meeting room and part of a complex that consists of a brewery, rustic restaurant, bar/café, craft beer store, and three event spaces – Altes Mädchen Diele, Ratsherrn Diele, and the regulars’ table room (Altes Mädchen Stammtisch).

Altes Mädchen Dielen

The Altes Mädchen Braugasthaus (brewery and restaurant) is located in one of Hamburg’s districts best known for entertainment and nightlife, with a quirky vibe by day and a cool alternative atmosphere by night. With its own brewery you may already guess it, that the location loves and specializes in craft beer. You can choose between their own Ratsherrn beers and 30 draft beers in total alongside about 70 bottled varieties from all over the world, served with original North German dishes.

The entire complex area provides an industrial design with rough and urban flair. And this is continued in its meeting spaces as well. The Altes Mädchen Diele itself is a simple room with glass front to the adjacent terrace. However, its wooden walls, the mobile pallet furniture that serve as buffet or lounge benches, as well as its integrated wooden bar make it a very functional and cozy space to host your meeting or event. The atmosphere is very inviting and makes every attendee feel comfortable immediately, loosen up to participate and mingle with the audience. Say goodbye to stiff ties, and sit down for some creative workshops and inspiring conferences, or celebrate after work.

For larger meetings and get-together, you can switch to the Ratsherrn Diele, which is located between the craft beer store and the Altes Mädchen Diele. This is another clean room with lovely plank flooring and large glass front to its own terrace that can be used as an extension for your indoor event. Rustic, wooden furniture as well as your own integrated bar are ideal for your own Oktoberfest or company party, but can be used for meetings and conferences with a personal touch alike.

You may also combine both meeting spaces, hold a workshop or exhibition in one of them, while meeting in the other, and coming together for some snacks and drinks on the terrace in between.

Last but not least, if you pass by the small bakery with wood oven inside the restaurant, you will find a charming little private room that can be separated with a thick curtain to give you more privacy and some quiet space away from the noisy crowd in the restaurant. The regulars’ table room is dominated by a large, uniquely shaped, wooden table. The large glass front provides bright light, and you also have all equipment to invite for special press conferences in an untraditional atmosphere. It’s a lovely space to dine with the team after a team building day in Hamburg, sit down for regular round table meetings, or simply to enjoy a nice craft beer after a successful event.

Rustic style
Functional, cozy complex with meeting space, restaurant, brewery (team activity) all in one

Big focus on craft beer (obviously)



Min to Max


60-250 pax


25-170 pax


120-280 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Dielen – combined

up to 250 guests

Ratsherrn Diele

up to 150 guests

Altes Mädchen Diele

up to 100 guests

Regulars’ table room

up to 25 guests at tables


up to 60 guests


Barrier-free access
Craft beer specialist
In-house AV
In-house catering & kitchen
Integrated bar
Natural daylight
Pallet furniture
Plank flooring
Outdoor area
Connection to public transport

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



By Car

✈️ Hamburg Airport (HAM)

9.8 km

26 min

🚉  Hamburg Central Station-

3.7 km

12 min

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