Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Offers Spacious, Spectacular Meeting Architecture

When product managers plan their next company-wide training or kick-off event, very often they are looking for stunning event locations with a big plenary and many breakout rooms, a place that is versatile to their needs, to offer new experiences for their attendees every day, a lot of guest rooms to accommodate all of their employees, and great close-by options to go out in the evening so that they won’t have to stay in the venue every single day. Oh, and good weather conditions, please!

I have to admit, there aren’t many event locations in Europe that fulfil all of the above requirements and my high-class expectations on top of it. Very often you either get a venue with all of the required rooms, but not enough guest rooms, or exactly the opposite. Or they look not very inviting, and how will you excite your employees for a new product or strategy if they are locked in depressing, dark meeting rooms?

Luckily, I came across the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento in Spain. Three round buildings welcoming you with modern and elegant interior. Each ‘tower’ accommodates approx. 100 guest rooms and has an atrium inside.

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento

While the central Atrio II is set up with a restaurant and tropical indoor garden, Atrio I can be used for car shows or training workshops. The atrium is really spacious, with a very high ceiling and natural light. The white balconies of the floors above are ideal for video mapping or other decorative projections to create themed atmospheres and make the event space appear entirely different from one second to the other. This atrium also has direct access to the huge private gardens, which invite for sunny coffee breaks, stretching sessions between meeting sessions, stunning receptions or cozy garden dinners.

Atrio III is equal to Atrio I, and offers impressive space to host gala dinners, themed parties, or a spectacular opening ceremony. This atrium is in a building that leads to multiple meeting rooms around it on two floor levels, which makes it easy to break into smaller groups after the big plenary. The natural daylight in the atrium can be entirely blacked out with installed curtains, to allow for great screen vision or illuminations.

With the large amount of meeting rooms, this 5-star hotel is fully customizable to every event requirement. 25 of the 36 function rooms are located at the convention center, which can be accessed from Atrio II and III. In case your event does not require overnight stay, there is a separate entrance only for the conference center as well.

The convention center consists of a large function space that can be divided into 3.5 sections. Three of the sections have the same size, and then there is a small area at the end (“Sevilla 4”) which can either be added to have a slightly bigger conference space, or left closed. In addition, the conference center has three simultaneous translation booths located on floor 1, which have visual access to the first section “Sevilla 1”. The large foyer in front of the main conference rooms offers enough space for an exhibition, or can even be used for banquet dinners, while enjoying the view through the large glass front.

A short walk from the Barceló is the Isla Mágica Theme Park, a water park that you may or may not want to include in your week-long training. While during summer it attracts a lot of families and children, I wasn’t aware of any noise during autumn or winter months. Since meeting and vacation periods are quite contrary, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, I’d like to make you aware that international flight connections during the winter flight schedule are quite limited to Seville Airport. Depending on the countries your attendees will fly in from, we better check available connections first, to make sure that flight connections suit your meeting agenda.

Seville itself is a charming small city with a beautiful historic city center. It is only a few minutes walking from the hotel, just crossing the Guadalquivir River, and you are already in a street full of bars and restaurants to enjoy delicious tapas and a night out. We can plan some wonderful tours to explore the city and get to know the Spanish culture, or create team activities to let them hunt points throughout the city themselves and award the winners at the gala dinner.

10,000 sqm private gardens
Walking distance to city center with wonderful dining opportunities

Few flight connections during winter season, no international airport



Min to Max


40-1,200 pax


25-750 pax


22-1,000 pax


8-2,000 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Private gardens

up to 2,000 guests in reception style

Barceló Convention Center – combined

up to 1,100 guests

Sevilla 2-4 (2.5
modules combined)

up to 700 guests

Sevilla 1+2, 2+3

up to 400 guests in banquet style (each)

Sevilla 3+4

up to 400 guests

Sevilla 1

up to 300 guests

Sevilla 2

up to 300 guests

Sevilla 3

up to 300 guests

Atrio III

up to 450 guests

Atrio I

up to 350 guests

Triana – combined

up to 292 guests

Triana 2+3+4

up to 240 guests

Triana 1+2+3

up to 208 guests

Triana 3+4

up to 180 guests

Triana 2+3

up to 156 guests

Triana 1+2

up to 90 guests

Triana 3

up to 90 guests

Triana 4

up to 90 guests

Triana 1

up to 35 guests

Triana 2

up to 35 guests


up to 250 guests in banquet style


up to 250 guests in banquet style

Giralda – combined

up to 150 guests

Giralda 1

up to 104 guests

Giralda 2

up to 50 guests

España 5

up to 130 guests

España 1

up to 127 guests


up to 100 guests

Andalucía – 1+2, 3+4, 6+7 combined

up to 100 guests (each)

Andalucía 1-8

up to 50 guests (each)

Andalucía 9-10

up to 28 guests (each)

España 2

up to 95 guests

España 3

up to 95 guests

España 4

up to 95 guests


up to 63 guests


up to 60 guests

La Pinta

up to 38 guests

La Niña

up to 38 guests


up to 16 guests in boardroom style

Santa María

up to 12 guests in boardroom style

Sala VIP

up to 10 guests in boardroom style


Air conditioning
Barrier-free access
Environmentally friendly
In-house AV
In-house catering
Natural daylight
Outdoor area
Staging area
295 guest rooms
Connection to public transport

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



By Car

✈️ Seville Airport (SVQ)

9.6 km

12 min

🚉 Santa Justa train station

4.9 km

12 min

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