Unforgettable Event Experiences at the Dolce Sitges Barcelona

Attendees sitting on uncomfortable chairs, breathing the stuffy air while desperately trying to focus on the speaker who is presenting in the old-school lecture format from the stage… Are they even still trying, or did they give up on the monotonous voice long ago and are already dreaming of the next coffee break instead? What was this session about anyway?

Anybody who doesn’t mind an outcome like that certainly didn’t understand the purpose and value of successful meetings. And if you are one of those who actually care about delivering a memorable event, then the Dolce Sitges Barcelona will be your ideal event venue. Here, events become experiences, just like I envision every event to be.

Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona

The Mediterranean’s leading conference resort sits majestically on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and has just been renovated in 2020. Bright walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and most importantly, ergonomic chairs and tables make every conference so much more comfortable. The rotating chairs allow you and your speakers to address the audience from any direction. Whether 360° screens or a pro and con discussion from different sides of the room – your attendees can easily turn around with their chairs to shift their focus to the new center of attention. Thanks to the absence of pillars in any meeting rooms there will always be a clear view for everyone following the speaker’s performance, regardless of where they are sitting.

The 5-star hotel offers flexible event space which is equipped with latest AV technology. Most of the 26 meeting rooms are located on one floor which makes it easy to switch between them quickly without losing too much ‘walking time’ to reach the next session. This has come in handy in the past, especially for complex breakout rotation plans at training events, when various groups had to move from one workshop to the next in a quick, coordinated way.

Moreover, I am so grateful for the excellent staff of the Dolce Sitges Barcelona, who understand detail-oriented event planning and what it means to create unforgettable experiences beyond the client’s meeting objectives. Not often have I found a team in Spain that is as flexible and supportive as theirs.

Another highlight compared to many meeting hotels is their continuous coffee break which lets your participants enjoy coffee non-stop throughout the day. This is quite beneficial if you break your audience into smaller groups which finish their sessions at different times.

The half-moon-shaped building invites you for inspiring meetings, and values the relationship-building and networking character of events as much as I do. This is supported by a lot of wonderful team building activities which include either exploring the surroundings in Sitges, learning about the tasty Mediterranean culture, or ‘working’ together at the beach. All in all, your team will be coming out of this experience stronger than before.

A panoramic view of Sitges and the sea, 17 beaches, 3 marinas, 1 nature reserve, 300 days of sunshine, and a well-maintained huge garden area will complement your event and contribute to a successful, memorable meeting experience.

Ergonomic meeting furniture
Excellent staff with everything-is-possible mentality
Exclusive location on top of a hill

Not the most beautiful carpeting



Min to Max


12-475 pax


6-308 pax


70-320 pax


130-500 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Sitges – combined

up to 475 guests

Sitges I

up to 300 guests

Sitges II

up to 130 guests

Mediterrani – combined

up to 360 guests

Parellada +

up to 240 guests

Syrah + Samsó

up to 240 guests


up to 120 guests


up to 120 guests


up to 120 guests


up to 108 guests


up to 108 guests


up to 70 guests


up to 60 guests


up to 60 guests


up to 60 guests

Còdols III

up to 33 guests


up to 20 guests in boardroom style


up to 20 guests in boardroom style

Balmins I

up to 20 guests

Balmins II

up to 20 guests

Ribera I

up to 20 guests

Ribera II

up to 20 guests

Fragata I

up to 20 guests

Fragata II

up to 20 guests

Estanyol I

up to 20 guests

Estanyol II

up to 20 guests

Còdols I

up to 20 guests

Còdols II

up to 17 guests

Balmins III

up to 16 guests


up to 12 guests


up to 4 guests in boardroom style


Air conditioning
Barrier-free access
Continuous coffee break
Environmentally friendly
Ergonomic chairs and tables
In-house AV
In-house catering
Meeting rooms without pillars
Natural daylight
Outdoor area
Staging area
263 guest rooms

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



By Car

✈️ Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN)

32.6 km

27 min

🚉 Sitges train station

3.4 km

8 min

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