Medieval Meetings at the Mediterranean Conference Centre

Living at a time when events and meetings are waiting around every corner, how does your event stand out from the rest? Ok, right now there is not much going on with in-person meetings since most events are either postponed or have moved to virtual meetings due to COVID-19. And let’s face it, the meetings and events industry will change after all of this is settling down a bit. Hybrid events are on the rise. But will company owners feel they put their employees at risk when meeting in person? Will they feel it is appropriate hosting ‘fun’ events when some of their employees have died from the corona virus?

I cannot answer this. But what I know is that human beings are in need for human interaction. And it is our job to make this happen, in a safe environment. And when my clients choose to meet in person again, I will make sure it is worth it and that their event will be memorable and making a true impact. Let’s not waste time and money on plain vanilla event locations but meet in style in venues that spark stracciatella fireworks!

Mediterranean Conference Centre

The Mediterranean Conference Centre is one of those worthwhile event locations. This impressive building in Malta’s capital city Valletta was a former hospital (Holy Infirmary of the Order of St. John) built in the 16th century and is a national monument. The first time I entered those majestic halls was actually as a visitor of a Cirque du Soleil show. And I was impressed (not only by the show itself)! When you walk through the halls and corridors, you feel like taken back in time, when wealthy knights ‘ruled the kingdom’.

The great thing is that the unique and historic ambience is fully equipped with modern technology, making high-class international conferences and product launches run smoothly and on top-notch standards. In fact, each meeting hall has its own independent sound, lighting, audio/visual equipment as well as climate control. This comes in super handy when you want to create event experiences, make your attendees not only see and hear your message but also feel it. Let them experience your brand with all five senses!

From large conference halls to several smaller break-out rooms, from quite traditional rooms to extraordinary, knightly meeting halls – the Mediterranean Conference Centre offers it all and is flexible to cater for all your needs. Do you want to dine at a long dinner table in the Sacra Infermeria or only use a part of it for your most precious guests at a gallant banquet? No worries, we simply shorten it and nobody can imagine how much further this long hall would go.

Kick-off shows on the stage of the auditorium, a knights’ dinner in majestically illuminated medieval atmosphere, or an exhibition under high ceilings? Or maybe no ceilings at all? In 2019, the MCC opened another meeting space: a rooftop terrace for around 650 dinner guests which offers an impressive and exclusive view over the Grand Harbour.

Are you as intrigued as myself but want to see it with your own eyes? Take a walk through the venue with their 360 virtual tour and let me know what you think.

Historical (built 16th century)
Medieval character
Overlooking Grand Harbour

Quite little leg space between rows of auditorium (even for me with 1.70 m height)



Min to Max


15-1,920 pax


5-250 pax


60-1,500 pax


15-2,500 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Sacra Infermeria

up to 1,920 guests

La Valette Hall

up to 1,440 guests

Republic Hall

up to 1,400 guests

Michel’ Angelo Grima Hall

up to 450 guests

Temi Zammit Hall

up to 230 guests

Cotoner Hall

up to 200 guests

Vassalli Hall

up to 150 guests

David Bruce Hall

up to 90 guests

La Cassiere Hall

up to 60 guests in banquet style

Girolamo Cassar Hall

up to 60 guests in banquet style

VIP Lounge – Syndicate Room 9

up to 45 guests

Syndicate Room 8

up to 32 guests

Syndicate Room 11

up to 32 guests

Syndicate Room 6

up to 28 guests

Perellos Suite

up to 25 guests

Syndicate Room 2

up to 24 guests

Syndicate Room 3

up to 24 guests

Business Centre – Syndicate Room 4

up to 20 guests

Syndicate Room 5

up to 20 guests

Syndicate Room 7

up to 15 guests

Syndicate Room 10

up to 12 guests


Air conditioning
In-house AV
Medieval limestone walls
One of the longest halls in Europe: 155 m long Sacra Infermeria
Onsite catering
Rooftop terrace
Simultaneous interpretation facilities
Staging area

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



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8.9 km

15 min

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