How and Why Cottage Tent Event Began

Welcome back, I’m thrilled to see you again! I see you’re curious about Cottage Tent Event and like to hear more. Come on, take a seat. I prepared the table outside for our next talk where I’ll be happy to share my current situation and why we’re talking about Cottage Tent Event today.

I founded my company in 2019 because it was about time to do so! For years, former colleagues and business contacts have repeatedly asked me why I’m not starting my own business. I was working for wonderful, diverse companies, successfully putting my skills to the test and mastering many challenges. Why should I give this up?

While I always hesitated, saying it wasn’t the right time, not the right circumstances etc., the opportunity came along by itself: we were presented with the opportunity to relocate to Malta. Thus, I had to give up my then current job anyways. And before looking for a new job, settling in a new routine…why didn’t I give it a shot myself?! So I grabbed that opportunity and here we are today: Cottage Tent Event got going!

So, Cottage Tent Event – does that mean you organize events in tents?

Magical moments happen with tents.

Not exactly, although I’d be thrilled to do so if that’s what you are looking for. That special place that reminds you of wonderful times hanging around a campfire, the living room vibes that let everyone move closer together and feel comfortable, open to share even secrets, which someone otherwise wouldn’t have shared. Is it the cozy atmosphere that let strangers become friends over night? Definitely there is something magical about a cottage tent and the way it transforms people in it to become more relaxed, friendly and open.

Now, I don’t possess a cottage tent (yet 😉 ) but why should this hold me back to provide this atmosphere and deliver events with a personal, meaningful touch? With my company I want to take events out of square, numb meeting rooms and instead, create an open, inspiring atmosphere.

Let’s improve meetings, trainings, and events by adding a personal, meaningful touch to them. And if this just means changing the coffee break into a part of the event that awakens participants by implementing interactive stations, or the relaxing afternoon sessions, which invites to sit absolutely informally in beanbags.

Together, we’ll find a way to vitalize the fact-laden agenda with more creativity to make sure the message of the event stays in the participants’ minds long after they left. Because, who doesn’t remember that adventurous trip to the mountains where you made wonderful friends surviving nature together?!

we are all connected © by Kristin Sammann

I myself have attended events before that made me yawn and secretly check my watch after the first 30 minutes, wondering when I could escape this monotonous monolog on stage and leave. I myself have attended events having trouble to get to know someone because everybody was so withdrawn and not interacting with each other. Sometimes even I was too tired to open up and actively approach other participants myself.

But events should be inspirational think tanks, excite and motivate you about a product, a message, or simply get you away from it all, stun you and wake you up from a routine you maybe didn’t know you were stuck in! Open your eyes, feel energetic, use networking conferences what they are supposed to be for! Bond with the colleague you never spoke to before during team building activities which you master together. Get to know your guests on a whole new level!

With Cottage Tent Event I want to make company messages a true experience for the event’s attendees. To stick in their heads. To be the start of a wonderful relationship. To become personal.

historical Valletta awaits you © by Kristin Sammann

My passion for travel allowed me to grab the opportunity and move to Malta. My language skills facilitate me not only living here but have already served for excellent translation skills in the past. Taking various translation jobs for different clients back when I was still employed have given me first insights into freelance working. An experience that helped me start my own business and being fully independent now. Also coming in handy for organizing international events when someone is needed for professional translation or proof-reading of event material, too.

Malta! I have to admit the island made it easy for me to agree to the move. Over 300 days of sunshine every year – an event manager’s dream come true! A weather guarantee for outdoor events almost all year. While in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and even Northern Italy or Spain we sometimes had to fear the rain during beach parties, dinners on a castle’s inner courtyard, or rallyes through the city, the risk in Malta is minimal to non-existent during most time of the year. Furthermore, the interesting history has left the island with numerous, incredible historic sites and venues to host remarkable and outstanding events.

mediterranean conference center Malta © by Kristin Sammann

For my international clients it is a true benefit when they plan to host their event in Malta because I not only bring some well-known German qualities (;-)) to the country but also an understanding for their event standards and expectations. Moreover, I also speed up conversations with locals on-site since the Maltese and Italians are probably known for their laid-back culture – which is nice on a private level – and I remember from own experience before I lived here how long you might wait for an email reply when you desperately need an answer.

However, Cottage Tent Event is not only organizing events in Malta but Europe-wide. With a comprehensive experience from previous events in many European countries, our service is available throughout Europe. Now you might wonder why someone in Malta should organize your meeting in Barcelona? My cultural background is again a crucial benefit for these clients.

How often have I myself been in the situation or heard from others working with local agencies, who on the day of their event found the setup not quite like you had envisioned it. May it be language barriers or event planning standards which are simply not the same or given same priorities in every country. Cottage Tent Event helps minimizing misunderstandings throughout the entire event planning process and delivers high-class events with attention to detail.

And it can be quite an advantage not sitting around the corner to waste time on too long and too many planning meetings. Regular email updates as well as structured calls or videoconferences give everyone a clear overview, are efficient and reduce meeting time for our clients.

Do you want to know more about our services and how working with us can look like? Check back next week, or subscribe to receive our regular newsletter with the latest posts and updates.

But for now, let’s get up and stretch our legs for a quick walk to freshen our minds.

Enjoy your day!

Kristin Sammann

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