Exclusive Meetings, Elegant Gala Events = Penha Longa Resort

Special occasions call for special locations. Events like product launches or exclusive meetings with your top clients or business partners don’t usually fit in the average meeting room, but should be hosted in a high-class ambience. But where can we create these magical moments in a unique scenery?

Have you come across the Penha Longa Resort yet? This luxury hotel is located in the heart of the Sintra mountains in Portugal, with 30 minutes driving time actually not too far from Lisbon. And it won’t disappoint you if you are looking for historic event spaces, finest service, and green landscape.

Penha Longa Resort

It was originally founded as a monastery in the 14th century, and the once royal rooms are now offering versatile meeting spaces with a quite unique design of each individual meeting room. While you can also find traditional, modern-styled plenary rooms, the resort has some very elegant and even majestic-like meeting spaces which provide the perfect scenery if you want to invite your guests to a high-class event or exquisite dinner event.

From planning the company’s next steps at an exclusive board meeting over bonding with the team over some quality time, or rewarding your top employee’s a memorable incentive trip, this 5-star hotel can accommodate for all occasions. It is great to wind down from the hectic office routines and focus on efficient meetings because it is located within a 2.2 square kilometer national park, no distractions if you don’t count the beautiful views.

And don’t get scared of the 5 stars. I have to admit, I came across other hotels in e. g. Athens, Rome, or Mallorca in the past, that were more expensive than the Penha Longa Resort and offered only half as excellent service and/or looked pretty run-down as well. Let’s check your dates and find out the current rates.

To give your attendees a break between long meeting days, there are many off-site activities close-by, and the beaches of Cascais and Estoril are only 10 minutes away as well. Moreover, one of my favorites of this location is also the ‘sunshine guarantee’ for almost all year round. Living in Malta with the same conditions, I can only tell you from an event organizer’s perspective, it is quite a blessing to be able and count on awesome weather when you need it.

Last but not least, all of this high-class package doesn’t come at the expense of our environment. The team of the Penha Longa Resort makes eco-friendly events possible through a lot of great sustainable actions such as a ban of plastic straws and using glass jars at coffee stations, sourcing fresh products locally and seasonally, growing own herbs in their Chef’s garden, or making sure all material is recycled properly. What more could you ask for?

Historical (built 14th century)
Unique, elegant meeting rooms
Excellent gastronomy
Within a National Park

Nothing in walking distance outside of the resort, shuttle/transfer required



Min to Max


24-330 pax


15-216 pax


6-570 pax


6-540 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Coroa – combined

up to 570 guests in banquet style

Coroa I

up to 330 guests

Coroa II

up to 270 guests

D. João I – (II + III + IV combined)

up to 320 guests

D. João II + III

up to 200 guests

D. João III + IV

up to 200 guests

D. João II

up to 112 guests

D. João IV

up to 112 guests


up to 180 guests


up to 180 guests in banquet style

Viscondessa II

up to 120 guests

Viscondessa I

up to 100 guests


up to 96 guests

Infante D. Luis

up to 90 guests

D.a Filipa

up to 70 guests

D.a Leonor

up to 70 guests

Condes de Monsanto

up to 67 guests


up to 60 guests


up to 40 guests

Old Kitchen

up to 40 guests in banquet style

Viscondessa III

up to 35 guests

D. Joana de Castro

up to 32 guests

D. Manuel

up to 25 guests

D. Inês Ayala

up to 24 guests

D. Pedro Castro

up to 24 guests

D. Luis Castro

up to 24 guests

D. Álvaro Castro

up to 24 guests in boardroom style

D. João Castro

up to 24 guests in boardroom style

D. Sebastião

up to 6 guests in banquet style


27-hole golf course
Air conditioning
Barrier-free access
Environmentally friendly
In-house AV
In-house catering
Natural daylight
Outdoor area
Staging area
194 guest rooms
Connection to public transport

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



By Car

✈️ Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS)

30.7 km

30 min

🚉 Rossio station

30.4 km

32 min

🚉 Estação do Oriente

33.6 km

34 min

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