Benefit from Working Remotely with an Experienced Event Planner

Let’s be honest: when it comes to your event, the most important thing for you is a successful outcome, right? You want your message to be delivered in the best way possible, you want your guests to be catered for excellently, and you want to grow your relationship with them, extend it for a long, prosperous future. Or maybe you want to reward outstanding employees for their continuous commitment. Whatever your intention is, you want to rest assured that the money you spend on this event is well invested.

Now, you would probably look for the best event planner to trust this job with, correct?

Isn’t it wonderful that your search doesn’t need to end at the outskirts of your city or even your region or country? Globalization and digitization have made it possible to compare services worldwide and truly get you the most suitable event manager, specialized in your requirements.

event planning is highly suitable for remote work

Let’s take a quick look at it: the following event services don’t require a physical presence and are perfect tasks to be fulfilled digitally or remotely:


  • Planning event concepts

  • Obtaining permits

  • Coordinating event schedule


  • Handling invitation and participant management

  • Supporting clients and customers before, during, and after the event

Event Suppliers

  • Liaising and negotiating with vendors

  • Booking event service providers (venues, entertainers, photographers, speakers, etc.

  • Supervising and coordinating suppliers and event partners


  • Handling budgets and invoicing

  • Handling logistics

  • Updating client

  • Handling post-event reports

While many of the above event planning processes require lots of attention and can consume a vast amount of your daily time, it doesn’t necessarily need to be you running after them. Free your schedule, find the perfect event planning partner to trust with these tasks, and focus on your strengths again. Do what you are best at and what gives you most joy. In the end, you don’t want to be occupied and become frustrated with all of these tasks but, instead, you should look forward and be excited about the upcoming event!

free your schedule and focus on your strengths

I know, delegating tasks can sometimes make you feel insecure and being out of control. You might even think it will be more work chasing the others fulfilling these tasks as excellent as you would have. That’s why it is even more important to have the perfect partner at your side – virtually speaking. Because what is the advantage of that partner sitting somewhere close-by?

How often do you really run or drive over to them to look over their shoulder? It’s a nice feeling to know you could. But in the end, you chose them because you trust them and feel they will organize your event best as possible, right? Thus, you don’t need to see them every day. Having agreed on this, what is the difference between a few kilometers or some hundred? Trust doesn’t change over distance. Or at least doesn’t need to with us. And with that, why don’t you benefit from this great knowledge and rather focus on finding that most suitable event manager to join you with your event planning?

structured and clear work makes remote relationships successful

Are you looking forward to excellent event management that takes your company’s success to the next level? Do you want your guests to become part of event experiences instead of falling asleep in the plenary session? Let’s move your event planning up and deliver interactive sessions in an inspiring atmosphere! Nobody shall feel lost in the jungle of information before, during or after your event but always have a contact person who takes care of his/her needs – in time!

We at Cottage Tent Event have a great sense for details and are your ideal partner when it comes to delivering your event with a personal touch. Transform your company message into an experience that stimulates all five senses and therefore, leaves a long-lasting impression.

Working structured and very transparent is crucial for a successful remote working relationship. Regular email updates, (bi-)weekly status quo calls, and a clear overview showing the current event planning status at any time. Access your event folder in ClickUp to see which tasks will be due next or check the current budget situation, without calling us, in the middle of the night, whenever you need it. If you prefer, we can also work on your server, exchange documents via Google Drive, or share a to-do list in OneNote. Our event planning shall make your life easier, so we are happy to adapt to your preferred (digital) solution.

working efficiently and structured with ClickUp © by Kristin Sammann

We don’t occupy a desk in your office, we reduce temporary workload so your employees can focus on their main tasks, we help out with time consuming tasks and open up bottlenecks, and we are on your payroll only when you need us.

Benefit from event planning expertise around the globe and deliver your event successfully, tailored to your needs, and making use of the perfect partner behind the scenes.

We would love to hear from you, and together turn your vision into an unforgettable experience.

Loving to live globally connected!

Kristin Sammann

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