Plan your events rock-solid like an expert by using this comprehensive set of various contract and agreement templates!

Get your fully customized and editable Event Contract Template Library that covers all the important aspects of any type of event you are planning. Inside, you will find useful templates, forms, and checklists that will make organizing your next event feel so much easier and safer. Be prepared for any situation and never get cheated again.


The comprehensive Event Contract Template Library contains:

  • EVENT QUOTE: Use this quote to sign off smaller services around your event that don’t require full contracts, however, should have terms and conditions under which will be operated.
  • EVENT AGREEMENT: Avoid unfortunate situations and trust the written word, signed by both you and the event venue, to define all agreed details with this tried and tested event venue agreement.
  • CLIENT SERVICES AGREEMENT: Define all agreed details between you and any contractor hired for your event to ensure you receive event services as requested.
  • EVENT NDA: Make sure all content stays within your event halls and let involved suppliers and agencies sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep your data safe.

In addition, you will also receive all templates and files from the Comprehensive Event Planning Workbook Template Library.

  • TO-DO LIST: Never miss a detail again with our comprehensive event to-do list and keep track of your event’s status quo.
  • CALCULATION: Stay on top of your budget with our event calculation comparing estimated vs. actual expenses.
  • EVENT BRIEFING: Keep all important information at a glance with our event overview one-pager.
  • FINAL INFO EMAIL: Share all important event information with your attendees and don’t forget any detail with our final info e-mail.


  • PHOTO CONSENT: Events are best expressed in photos! In order to be allowed to use those beautiful photos, make sure you let your attendees know about the purpose, and give them the opportunity to reject their consent.


Instructions are included in any file to make it as easy as possible for you to use them. Just follow the guidelines and your worksheets and forms will be filled in no time.

All files will be available as Word (2016), Excel (2016), and/or PDF downloads.

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