Warm Winter Meetings on the Rooftop of The Westin Palace, Milan

Organizing meetings and events in countries with lots of rain and unstable weather conditions isn’t a lot of fun. Especially not if you are planning to host an outdoor event. As an event manager you will most likely always have a plan B in mind for bad weather.

But what about winter? Depending on the destination you might not have the opportunity to organize anything outdoors for months up to half a year or even longer. Freezing conditions and terrible weather make it impossible.

So, no outdoor events in winter then? Wait a second, I know of a great hotel that offers a solution for those rainy, cold months. The Westin Palace in Milan installs The Circle Experience during the entire winter season until the beginning of May to make outdoor events possible in winter and spring.

The Westin Palace, Milan - The Circle Experience

The Circle Experience is an innovative solution that looks like a tube with see-through walls. It is illuminated and set up on the rooftop terrace so that guests can enjoy the view over Milan while being comfortably warm and dry ‘inside’. The lights can be adapted to your CI colors or to create different atmospheres which can be changed during the evening, and the air heating systems makes sure to keep everyone warm regardless of the outdoor conditions. With 36 sqm, you may host receptions for up to 60 guests, or invite about 30 attendees to a business meeting. The ‘tube’ is also ideal for coffee breaks and cozy dinners under the stars.

Besides of this fantastic winter event location, the 5-star hotel also offers a couple of ‘real’ meeting rooms, which can be adapted through their interconnecting style to any event’s requirements. They all look quite elegant and ‘palatial’, chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, just as you would expect from a hotel with “Palace” in its name.

Some of the meeting rooms are more formal, while others have a more luxuriant style, which give most of the rooms their own unique charm and charisma. If you really want to hold your meeting indoors, I would rather recommend rooms like the Colonne with mirrored pillars and bright light, than sitting in the more formal and traditional rooms like Castaldi, Donatello, or the like.

But my highlight are definitely the outdoor spaces and The Circle Experience. If you want to invite more than the 60 guests or prefer the ‘real’ outside during summer, there is the rooftop terrace on the 8th floor of the hotel with a charming view towards the cathedral and over Milan or the Terrazza PanEVO, which is a beautiful green oasis.

If you like, check their virtual meeting planner to get a 360° impression of the venue from afar. In times of remote working it is a wonderful tool to help you get a feel for the rooms and choose the suitable meeting space for your event.

The hotel, located in the new heart of Milan – Porta Nuova – may not be able to change its palatial design but the management is working on always keeping up with latest technology and trends. Thus, also adapting to sustainable event planning and implementing eco-friendly measures to help eliminate waste and reduce energy and water consumption of your event. Thumbs up for that!

8th floor rooftop terrace
Thermal-insulated tubular construction with clear walls on rooftop

The palatial design of the meeting rooms isn’t everyone’s cup of tea



Min to Max


24-300 pax


9-130 pax


15-360 pax


10-360 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Giardino combined with Colonne

up to 300 guests

Giardino –

up to 120 guests

Giardino A

up to 70 guests

Giardino B

up to 40 guests

Colonne –

up to 120 guests

Colonne A

up to 70 guests

Colonne B

up to 40 guests


up to 200 guests


up to 160 guests

Castaldi – combined

up to 90 guests

Castaldi 1

up to 40 guests

Castaldi 2

up to 40 guests

Donatello + Masaccio + Tiziano

up to 90 guests

Donatello +

up to 72 guests

Masaccio +

up to 72 guests


up to 36 guests


up to 30 guests


up to 24 guests

The Circle Experience

up to 60 guests in reception style


up to 36 guests in banquet style


up to 25 guests


up to 16 guests in boardroom style


up to 10 guests in boardroom style

Terrazza PanEVO

up to 65 guests in reception style


Barrier-free access
Environmentally friendly
In-house AV
In-house catering
Natural daylight
Outdoor area
Staging area
Timber flooring
231 guest rooms
Connection to public transport

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



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