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Enough with misunderstandings and wrong messages delivered. Get heard and reach new target markets with our professional translation services.

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Proofreading & Editing

It’s not just words that we are talking about but the message behind those words. Finding the right words in your own language may be difficult already. And now translate this into another language without losing its meaning and charm? Anyone having a magic wand to do so, please?

We do! With over seven years of translation experience and working as well as living in English and Spanish speaking countries, German native speaker Kristin is your go-to expert for translations in English, German, and Spanish. Trust your documents, websites, and products in our hands to receive high-quality translations on time and within a very reasonable budget.

Send us your projects for the following (business) areas and we will happily and confidently prepare outstanding results within the given timeframe: charities & NGOs, education & training, events & entertainment, (online) gaming, market research, marketing & media, public sector, retail & ecommerce, and tourism.

From brochures, information materials, journal articles, marketing publications, motivation letters, press releases, products to training manuals, websites, and other copy – we bridge the language barriers and let you succeed in foreign markets.

Pricing Translation

Starter: 800 words, EUR 90
Standard: 5,000 words, EUR 500
Advanced: 15,000 words, EUR 1,400
Minimum charge per project: EUR 25

Available 365 days a year, including weekends
Always high-quality translations
Scrupulous proofreading skills
1 revision included
Quick, efficient, and flexible performance
100 % satisfaction guaranteed

Proofreading & Editing

You want your ebook to be error-free?

Don’t let correct spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors slow your flow of writing. Focus on the content, and Kristin will happily proofread your text afterwards, remove any mistakes, and save you a lot of time and nerves going through it with an eagle eye.

You will also be able to track any changes she made, if you wish her to correct your MS Word document. Either accept the changes or stay with the original wording, it is up to you. If you provide us with a PDF document, Kristin will highlight any issues in your document, so you can implement the corrections afterwards yourself. In both cases, you will always have the final say.

Kristin will also provide helpful feedback in comments with suggestions for better wording or to make sure to avoid misunderstandings, repetition, or inconsistency.

Pricing Proofreading & Editing

Starter: 10,000 words, EUR 300
Standard: 30,000 words, EUR 600
Advanced: 50,000 words, EUR 950

Minimum turnaround time: 7-21 days. For faster support, rates may vary.

Project Steps

  1. Establish editing format
    How shall changes be incorporated, tracked, and comments be included?
  2. Set milestones
    Shall edited text be sent in packages before deadline to allow time for you to go over changes?
  3. Incorporate edits
    Do you have any comments on the editing that came up in your revision?
  4. Delivery of final edited document
    Do you have any comments on edited parts that have not been revised yet?

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