Virtual Escape Room Games: The Remote Adventure for Your Team

Social distancing, lockdown, tiring online meetings. 2020 really dragged on and got motivation levels dropping quite a bit. What a relief to welcome 2021…just to see a few weeks in that not much has changed so far. Unfortunately, uncertain times are still ahead of many of us, and every once in a while we could all do with a bit of escapism from reality at the moment, right?

Virtual Escape Room Games are a quick energy boost

Virtual Escape Room Games are the ideal energy booster for you and your team! A little bit of puzzling, some problem-solving under time pressure, and a whole lot of fun are the best ingredients to get adrenalin flowing, bring back that smile on your face, and socialize with your remote team.

I always loved Escape Room Games and mastered a lot of them with friends and colleagues before the pandemic hit us. By then you would try to physically escape the room within a given time limit by solving a series of problematic missions and working together as a team. Remember, the clock is ticking! While sometimes riddles or tasks build on top of each other to unlock new clues, there may also be several puzzles to solve at the same time, so every team member is needed to proceed as fast as possible and finally be able to escape before the time is up!

From 4 to 250+ players – let your entire company escape

Now virtually you cannot physically escape a room but the adrenaline and excitement when solving the final riddle to break free still feel amazing and get your heart pumping quite a bit. Just like with physical Escape Room Games, start your remote adventure by choosing a themed room that will immediately set you in the mood for each storyline and escape reality for a while. Teams are kept small here as well, ideally 4 to 6 players, to be able to communicate with each other and have everybody be involved. The advantage of virtual Escape Room Games is that you can even play it with large groups and have the entire department or company be broken into smaller teams to compete against each other. While usually physical Escape Room Games only offer 2 to 4 rooms at their venue, in the app you can have up to 20 or 40 teams playing at the same time making it a great escape experience for the entire company.

Virtual Escape Room Games let (remote) teams stay connected and motivated

Completing a series of puzzles and collecting clues that will help to unlock the virtual ‘door’ to escape is not only a wonderful energy booster after a long meeting day but also tests several skills of the team. Now your team can show that they are experts in time management and working as a team under pressure. To break free within the given time limit of usually 60 to 90 minutes, teams develop their problem-solving skills and improve their observation as well. Each tiny success by solving the next puzzle will reward the team immediately with a new clue which motivates throughout the game. Especially when being confronted with a tough work situation over these past months, living moments of success with their colleagues is a great morale boost and will reflect in their business work afterwards as well.

Virtual Escape Room Games keep remote teams connected and motivated. They can be used to replace the usual after-work social that may have worn out the Zoom quizzes by now. Groups who love a challenge and wish to get the adrenaline-pumping experience back in their home office lives will enjoy this creative social that requests more of them than just being present in front of the screen. From catching the thief to surviving in the artic, each themed Escape Room Game is a fun and enjoyable competition that will loosen the atmosphere and bond teams immediately.

Escaping virtually requires good communication skills

Communication is key throughout this energizing activity because you may be smart enough to solve one riddle, but may require the knowledge of your team to find the solution to another puzzle. The game provides the basis to communicate and makes it easy even for introverts to open up and connect with others as they don’t have to come up with conversational topics themselves but are faced with immediate tasks to solve and being the focus of attention for everyone. Therefore, Escape Room Games and other goal-oriented activities are ideal for onboarding processes to have a group of new colleagues get to know each other quickly in a playful way. Not only new teams will benefit from this easy ice-breaker game but also long-existing (remote) teams may be surprised to learn about skills of their colleagues that they haven’t known about. By placing the players in a new setup, they get to test themselves and also make use of skills that otherwise may not be required during their usual job tasks.

From quick energy boost between long meeting sessions to fun social to round up the workshop in the evening, virtual Escape Room Games contribute to a successful team culture whether implemented in an existing event or being used as an incentive or reward to reach a milestone.

Could your remote team go up against the clock and break free in time? We have some of the best virtual escape rooms with exciting themes to boost morale and keep remote workers connected.

Find your ideal Escape Room Game here.

Keep your (remote) team motivated throughout this year and put a spring back in their step. Don’t trip over your slippers though!

Have a wonderful day!


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