The Not-So-Secret Success of Generating Word-of-Mouth

I hope nobody is still spending a big marketing budget on activities that don’t match their target audience. Do your research which type of events will make your company or brand connect with your target customer. Decide what the outcome of the next meeting or training shall be and then design the setting accordingly to support networking, brainstorming, practicing skills, or whatever it is that you wish for. Really, why waste your and many other’s energies on something that will have minimal impact?

Maybe you want to activate your employees’ minds to fully understand your services, or you want to make customers curious about your product. You want to be attractive while transmitting relevant information because in the end, you want to be noticed, admired, or even loved to convert customers same as employees into fans of your brand.

Why isn’t it enough to let them be regular employees or customers? Why do we want to convert them into fans?

Because (social) identity with our brand leads to success of our company. Anyone who relates to a confirmative group or culture that fulfills their needs is the perfect brand ambassador and will share their positive experience with social contacts. Paving the way for your next fan.

What do we have to keep in mind when planning our next event to make it relatable?

  1. Provide orientation and elements to identify with.
    – Don’t put them all in one room and hope they find something to connect with.

  2. Design content for a short span of attention.
    – Keep sessions short, vary between different formats, make it interactive!

  3. Bring like-minded people together to exchange.
    – Don’t try to target everyone; what do all of them share?

  4. Deliver content that is useful and seriously (!) interesting for the audience.
    – Think about their interests, not yours!

  5. Let attendees actively participate and realize their full potential.
    – Don’t treat them like recording devices who memorize whatever you tell them.

  6. Let people have fun.
    – And join them in the fun, this makes you human!

All of the above cater to basic human needs. Depending on the type of event and the type of audience, you might want to focus on some more than others. However, make sure to address all of them to some extent.

Designing your meeting or event accordingly will lead to the positive event experience that establishes a long-lasting connection between them and you. This connection enhances loyalty and generates word-of-mouth. High entertainment factors make people want to share it with friends. And which organizer doesn’t want to have free viral advertising, hum?

Put yourself in the customer position and analyze the event regarding his or her needs. Ask yourself: how does this meeting benefit me as an employee? What would you notice? Where would you look? Where do you feel comfortable? What attracts you? And why?

And if you struggle with identifying these elements for your event, ask us and we are happy to support you with our expertise. We will help you provide the inspiring atmosphere you need to make participants feel valued and connected to your brand.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristin Sammann

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