5 Ways your Event Planning Can Make a Difference

The next event or meeting came up short notice again? How can you excel with so little time to focus on every detail? There are some very simple and basic ways to make your business meeting stand out and leave a satisfied and positive impression with your attendees. Here are 5 tips you can implement at any event, no matter how much time there is for the planning.

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How to Influence Your Attendees’ Event Experience Positively

By nature, people love to interact with their surroundings, to experience and understand everything by using their five senses. That’s why events are the perfect tool to communicate your company’s message or let them try your new product. Learn more about what you can do before, during and after the event to provide a positive event experience.

Why Your Event Should Engage Customers’ Thinking

Have you ever felt that guests at your event somehow must have been totally disconnected from what was happening around them? Maybe they even left the venue and you could see your message trying to cling to their feet but eventually it got shaken off right outside the door?

Read on to learn how you can improve your next event to have started building relationships with your guests by the time they leave.

People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

Our feelings are one of the most powerful tools to use to manipulate us. We react emotionally to everything we experience. These moods can range from mildly positive to strong emotions of joy and pride. Because we cannot stop our emotional reaction to the things that happen around us, it is even more important to focus on a positive customer experience at our events.

How and Why Cottage Tent Event Began

Welcome back, I’m thrilled to see you again! I see you’re curious about Cottage Tent Event and like to hear more. Come on, take a seat. I prepared the table outside for our next talk where I’ll be happy to share my current situation and why we’re talking about Cottage Tent Event today.

Welcome to My Tent – Introducing Myself

The alarm rings, I get up and open the doors of my tent. What a beautiful sunshine this morning. Just the energy boost I need to start another successful day. I stretch and… Oh, wait! You are standing outside as well. Hello there, haven’t seen you here before. Come in, take a seat. Can I offer you a cup of tea?

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