All Green in the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers’ Own Indoor Forest

Are you fed up of plastic straws, plastic bottles, and other unnecessary single-use packaging that still come with many events? Or have you read one of my eco-friendly event planning articles and are now curious to host your next meeting in a more sustainable way?

Then I’d like to present to you one of the world’s greenest hotels with a CO2-neutral building – the Crowne Plaza Hotel Copenhagen Towers awaits you with open doors, the typical Scandinavian design, and a bunch of modern meeting facilities.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Copenhagen Towers

Now, first things first, I have to admit the 4-star hotel itself might not appeal with a charming design from the outside, and the meeting rooms look pretty average and not as much inspiring as I would wish for. So, why am I presenting it to you?

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily come here to host meetings in the tower, but instead to throw amazing receptions and jungle-like events in their 1,400 sqm Atrium! This green heart of the hotel is like a stunning indoor forest with about 60 trees and 4,500 plants. It’s like the safe outdoor event location – because it’s indoors, while still placing your event in a natural ambience.

Besides of this spectacular Atrium with all its many options to create forest-feeling-like encounters and mingle amongst the trees, I’m also a fan of the Scandinavian designed BARK restaurant as well as the bar and lounge area. If you look for a convenient place to invite your colleagues or clients for a business lunch or high-class dinner meeting, the delicious cuisine and stylish Danish design will guarantee for a successful and mouth-watering get-together.

And if these encounters spark interest and you would like to deepen the conversation in a meeting room afterwards, there is a great meeting place overlooking the Atrium. Or else you may also choose to walk off any disagreements or stiff muscles in the huge nature reserve Amager Fælled right next to the hotel, which offers hiking trails and some quiet time.

Talking about virtual events, I’d like to highlight again that despite the average look of the meeting rooms, they are all equipped with modern technology and guarantee a smooth run of any online presentation. Also make sure to choose one of the meeting rooms with almost floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the spectacular view over the city. And in the end, we can always pep them up to spark the motivational atmosphere you are looking for to deliver your message with success.

Moreover, I would recommend to integrate the Atrium facilities should you host your meeting in Copenhagen in general. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to end the long meeting day in this green oasis? The hotel has easy access to and from downtown, and the airport is only a stone’s throw from here as well. This makes the Copenhagen Towers also ideal for a quick meeting with international guests, no long transfer times, modern meeting technology, and a coffee in the forest – green meeting indeed.

One of the world’s greenest hotels, CO2-neutral building
Atrium with stunning indoor forest

Average meeting room design



Min to Max


18-800 pax


8-462 pax


12-648 pax


12-800 pax

Breakout Rooms


Theatre Style Setup

Everest – combined

up to 800 guests

Everest 1

up to 325 guests

Everest 2

up to 230 guests

Everest 3

up to 210 guests

Loire – combined

up to 90 guests

Loire 1

up to 18 guests

Loire 2

up to 54 guests

Loch Ness – combined

up to 90 guests

Loch Ness 1

up to 18 guests

Loch Ness 2

up to 54 guests

Lake Geneva – combined

up to 90 guests

Lake Geneva 1

up to 54 guests

Lake Geneva 2

up to 18 guests

Mont Blanc – combined

up to 90 guests

Mont Blanc 1

up to 18 guests

Mont Blanc 2

up to 54 guests

Thames – combined

up to 56 guests

Thames 1

up to 18 guests

Thames 2

up to 18 guests


up to 56 guests


up to 56 guests

Lake Garda

up to 56 guests

Mount Elbert – combined

up to 54 guests

Mount Elbert 1

up to 18 guests

Mount Elbert 2

up to 18 guests

Mount Rushmore

up to 52 guests


up to 52 guests

Lake Superior

up to 12 guests in boardroom style


Barrier-free access
Environmentally friendly
In-house AV
In-house catering
Natural daylight
366 guest rooms
Close to downtown Copenhagen
Connection to public transport

This event venue is exactly what you are looking for? Then get in touch with us now and let’s plan your memorable event within these historical walls together.



By Car

✈️ Copenhagen Airport Kastrup (CPH)

4.9 km

4 min

🚉 Copenhagen Central Station

7.3 km

18 min

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